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Friends. We all need friends.

Here is a list of companies we like. We're growing it soon.
It's not exhaustive. If you'd like to be added, please email us.

  What they do Organization                
  Sustainable website hosting (using renewable energy and carbon offsetting) GreenWebHost net              
  Ethical clothing                    
  Hirzl Gloves - free range leather, amazing quality riding gloves                
  British made bikes Pashley Bikes              
  Carbon Footprint reduction organization 10:10                
  Washbags and more made from inner tubes!l Green Guru Gear              
  Ecofriendly bike grips Ergon bike grips              
  Solar powered lights Rydon              
  Helps save the planet you live on by direct action Greenpeace              

Bike recycling organizations

York:The Bike rescue project
Sheffield:Recycle Bikes
Newcastle: Recyke Y Bike
Scotland: The Bike Station
Jole Rider


  The Money Saving website of the future:              
  London's greatest locksmith in our opinion ArmourlockandSafe              
  Greenpeace Greenpeace              
  EcoWarrior Green Living Tips EcoWarrior              
  Green Drinks Green Drinks              
  Children's Eco Book Publishing Happy Pineapple              
  Caving Culture by Wookey              
  Artichoke Print Studio, Brixton, London Artichoke              
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