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Green Oil: The World's greenest bicycle maintenance products
Made in Britain.
Skin safe. No carcinogenic PTFE.

Green Oil Wins Road.CC Recomended Award 2023!


Wet Chain Lube

If you care about your bike and the planet you ride on, you're in the right place.

We've been fighting PTFE and petrochemical pollution since 2007.
We've been raising awareness of the harm petrochemicals and PTFE can do in a workshop environment, in your garage, and to the rivers and seas we all enjoy.

From using recycled (not just recyclable) plastic in our bottles to plant based fully biodegradable formulas, we're protecting you, your bike, and the planet we share.

The Green Oil range works. We've won awards.
Developed by Cyclists, for Cyclists.

    Green Oil Wet Chain Lube 100ml
- Prevents rust
- Reduces wear
- All weather conditions lube
- 125 + Miles between applications

- PTFE free and fully biodegradable.

  Green Oil Dry Chain Wax 100ml
- Dry conditions lube
- Utilizes natural wax
- Great for commuters
- No trouser leg stains
- PTFE and petrochemical free



Green Oil wet chain lube


    Green Oil
On Tour
- Mini bottle for touring
- Pocket and saddle bag sized
- Re-fillable

- PTFE and petrochemical free

  Green Oil EcoSpray Lube 400ml
The eco friendly spray lubricant:
- Displaces water
- Lubricates
- Protects from moisture.
- Quick and easy to use
- Fluid content 100% biodegradable
- Comes with straw for hard to reach areas


Green Oil On Tour


EcoSpray Lube            
    Ecogrease 200ml
- Ideal for pivots etc
- Thick formula
- PTFE and petrochemical free
- Now fits most most grease guns
  Agent Apple Degreaser 300ml
- From Covid-19 to chain grime - Agent Apple destroys it.
- So strong it can be re-used 3 times - pour back into the bottle!
- Make your cassette or chain look new again
- This really works!
- Utilizes fermented apple extract, natural alcohol, and orange extracts. Very powerful.
- So strong, you can pour it back into the bottle over 3 times.



Ecogrease tube

Agent Apple degreaser            
    Green Clean 300ml, makes 1litre
- Powerful bike cleaner
- Garden safe
- No petrochemicals
- Has water pistol mode!
- The World's greenest bike cleaner
- Nanotech free

Clean Chain 100ml
- Degreasing gel
- Easy to apply to chain
- Makes 1 litre cleaner
- Plant based
- Sticks to your chain, scrub it off to clean!



Green Clean bike cleaner


Clean Chain degreaser jelly            
    Drive Chain Brush
Designed to last, not wear out fast!

- Built to last 10 years +
- British made
- FSC certified handle
made from sustainably sourced wood
- The most durable luxury bicycle brush in the World!
For bike frame cleaning

- Carbon fibre safe
- Soft and durable
- Made from recycled fabric
- Can be washed in a washing machine!
- Helps stop fabric fibres going to landfill
- Quality thick fabric


Green Oil Ergonomic Drive Chain and Bicycle Brush


Green Oil EcoRag            

Scooter Bearing Lubricant

Free UK Postage on orders over £14.00


Sk8 Oil
Skateboard Bearing Lubricant

Free UK Postage on orders over £14.00



ScootFruit   Skate Oil 30ml            
Green Oil sets                    

Eco Rider Deluxe set

- Green Oil Wet Chain Lube
- Bike Armour x 2
- Ecogrease
- Green Clean Bike Cleaner
- Clean Chain Degreaser
- EcoRag
- Tub for water or storage of our products
- FSC Certified Drive Chain Brush
- Includes seeds to grow your own food!



Green Oil Eco Rider Deluxe set        
    The Great PTFE scandal in the bike industry video
    Simon Nash recently speaking on BBC World News        


    The Green Oil Story        



    Green Oil Art by George Turner-Gale        
    Green Oil Art Scene by George Turner-Gale and Simon Nash        


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