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CF3 Power Pack
An add on for the CF3 Spray for more accurate spraying

Basically, its a straw and button set. Workshops love spray lubes, but hopefully not the associated lung damage.

The standard CF3 has a normal spray button for general spraying - not too wide, not too narrow. However, this kit replaces the button with a new button, and the straw fits into this new button. This is good for spraying into brake levers and cables for example.

How to fit?

Carefully and with adult supervision, find a flat head screwdriver. (Actually, this is quite simple, there's just a tiny chance of jabbing yourself in the hand with a screwdriver though!)

1. Wedge the flat head of the screw driver into the gap between the button and collar.

CF3 Power Pack - how to fit stage one

2. Place your hand over the top - the button collar etc. (This is to stop if flicking off into your face or anywhere else)

3. Lightly twist the screw driver. This will lift the button off

4. Keep the old button for safe keeping.

5. Fit the Power Pack button onto the little point - push down (aimed away from you) to fit it on.

6. Fit the straw into the hole of the button. The hole is where the yellow button is in the normal button above.

7. When you need to recharge your CF3, simply pull the straw out, pump up in the normal way, remove cover cap and put the straw back in.

NB Avoid leaving the button and straw around small children, cats and other pets. Its not a toy, but a potential choking hazard - just the right size to block your airway ironically.

Enjoy spraying with accuracy, without the air pollution.



CF3 reusable lubricant spray diagram



  Dirt Magazine logo

'...Fantastic product, makes workshop life easier...’

- We had a nice phone call from the head of workshops for the cycling holiday company Saddle Skedaddle. Steve Woods was so impressed, he just wanted to say thanks and give his endorsement to the CF3!




  Dirt Magazine logo

…this high-pressure spray bottle that uses air pressure, simply pump it up, using the lid, to disperse the fluid within...

…Green Oil offers the best and most ecologically friendly products around…

- IMBike Mag, Issue 21, page 113







'Try the amazingly
brilliant idea '

- Review by Click for the full review





 awawrd - 4/5 stars


...To my surprise, the pressure doesn't wane and converted a solvent based lube into a really nifty one-does all for cables, cleat mechanisms and pivot points. Arguably the quickest way of lubing the chain...

- Review by Click for full review





  Triathlete's World Kit Zone award

'...Green Oil has made cycling even more eco-friendly with this revolutionary CF3 spray...'

- Kit Zone approval and recommendation in Triathletes World 'Concise Gear Guide', May 2011.





'...The CF3 is a re-fillable, re-useable unit accessible to most riders and shop owners at a reasonable retail price of just £6.99. The CF3 is great for work shops...'

- Click for full review on




....good for your bike, and the environment...

- Recommendation in Triathlete's World magazine Kit Zone, in the Concise Gear Guide. DEcember 2010, p.53.




'A good alternative to silicone spray to make shiny things'.

- Review by Velozine.NL




...Operation is very simple: after filling the container with lube or cleaner, screw the spray nozzle back on then place the plunger unit over the nozzle and pump it up and down several times. You'll need to experiment with how much to pump before there's sufficient air pressure, but just give it a go!

Review on Click for full review













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