Protect your Frame. Cover the Damage.

Bike Armour


Full metal construction, Bike Armour adheres to your bike frame to protect from cable rub.
Bike Armour can also be used to cover chips in carbon fibre, paint work, scratches and more.
Bike Armour forms part of the Eco Rider Deluxe set.

How green is Bike Armour?


Bike Armour is plastic free. It is made from metal, so if your frame should meet its demise, it can be melted down into something new made of metal. Metal is continuously recyclable.
If Bike Armour does ever scratch off into the environment, it is an environmentally inert metal.
Bike Armour is ethically made and sweatshop free.

Recycling information

Don't recycle.

recycling info


Simon Nash review of Bikearmour

...Protects your frame from scratches!...

- Simon Nash, Green Oil Product Creator


Protect your Frame. Cover the Damage.