Some Interviews and Presentations

Simon Nash, Managing Director of Green Oil on TV and Online

Simon Nash on BBC World News 2019

Simon Nash on GB News' State of the Nation with Sir Jacob Reec-Mogg

Interview with Velozine, Netherlands. This show in 2012 resulted in getting distribution in the Netherlands. This interview took place after little sleep from both working and partying in Utrecth.

Simon Nash Interview

Eco Rider Deluxe set launch at London Bike Show 2011

Cycle Show, with Singletrack. Dry Chain Wax launched 2010

Singletrack Green Oil Video

An Early interview with our first lenders the London Rebuilding Society Circa 2009

Presentations and Interviews by Simon Nash

When Simon met Charlie. Charlie Kelly, Godfather of Mountain Biking

Simon Nash Power Talk at Greenwhich University November 2021

Simon Nash on TV

Simon Nash on BBC Breakfast News

Simon Nash at the Battle of Ideas 2022: Defending Environmentalism

Interviews with Simon Nash

Simon Nash at Ecobuild

Simon Nash on 1 Point 5 Degrees Podcast, by Shortlisted Productions

Fighting for the Environment at The Battle of Ideas London

Is there a War on the Motorist? Simon Nash at the Battle of Ideas

Can Renewable Energy Power the World? Yes: Simon Nash at the Battle of Ideas

Viral Videos Created by Simon Nash

In 2015, Simon Nash created a viral video. 3500 + views in 24 hours, but the World got offended. This is a softer more comical remix of that video. It makes the point originaly intended: Petrochemical production currently funds the bad guys.

The Gardinol Kickstarter Video of 2023. The Green alternative to WD-40 was made a Kickstarter 'Project we Love'

Battle of Ideas

Is it the End of the Road for the Automobile?

Simon Nash Destroys Climate Change Denier in Debate