For Scooters

ScootFuit for Scooters


  • Penetrates
  • Lubricates
  • Protects
  • Prevents rust

Make Your Scooter Smoother ScootLube, the scooter lubricant is formulated for scooters to make your ride smoother.

Use ScootLube on bearings – especially sealed bearings where the seal is worn and you’ll hear the noise reduce almost instantly, and feel a faster, smoother ride.

ScootLube is also for scooter headsets , the steering bearings, for a smoother turning. You can use ScootLube on folding scooters too, reducing any squeeks, for a smoother breakdown.

ScootLube reduces friction , protects from moisture and rusts, and smells great!

ScootFruit’s ScootLube is a Natural Formulation developed specifically for scooters. It will keep yours running smoothly.

Plus, one bottle lasts more than 50 applications.



For Scooters