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Green Oil makes performance products which have won independent awards. We don't believe it's morally right to use PTFE, because it makes a carcinogen in its production, and it accumulates in the environment.PTFE is a polyflourinated chemical.

Other brands claim their lubes are biodegradable whilst still using PTFE in them - which isn't biodegradable. One company, Muc-off has made a 'Dry Lube' which states it is 'bio-degradable in use'. Many websites stocking the product make false claims about it being eco friendly. PTFE is not eco friendly. PTFE is not biodegradable . It also makes a carcinogen in production.

Another company makes the 'Pure' range, an eco friendly branded range looking similar to Green Oil, even using the same bottle caps, and trigger spray on the bike cleaner. Yet the company making it called Weldtite still actively promotes their other products which are bad for the environment, and potentially human health. The Green Oil range is biodegradable, we use recycled plastic for our 100ml and 30ml bottles and tubs, and support British manufacturing. (Every Green Oil product is made in the UK).

Green Oil is a market leader. Learn more about the environmental impact of PTFE, greenwash and the legal loophole which allows lubes to in essence lie about their biodegradability in the videos below.

Here is a great video showing how anyone can make their own 'biodegradable' lubricant.

How our display racks are made from upcycled wood with Greenwich Mencap:.

100% biodegradable formula

100% biodegradable formulas

Many brands abuse a loop hole. A lubricant can be called 'biodegradable' if it is just 60% biodegradable. One competitor had the cheek to use PTFE in their formula, then call it biodegradable! Thousands of people were tricked by this greenwash and put PTFE into the environment, from their bikes, which does NOT biodegrade. Share this video, help us out!



PTFE makes a carcinogen in its production. PTFE accumulates in the food chain, the environment, and in body tissue. Due to using toxic chain lube and greases, many mechanics have suffered dermatitis and poor health. We're changing that by formulating products without PTFE or petrochemicals.

Here is a BBC article on the harm of PTFE production. Whilst this has now been limited in the USA, it continues in China where a lot of PTFE is produced for clothing and lubricants. Learn about the harm of polyfluorinated chemicals with Greenpeace here.


Petrochemical free

Petrochemicals can be harmful to the environment. Oil spills show this. It takes a long time to break down. Oil extraction is an energy intensive and dirty business.

Palm Oil Free

No palm oil

In Indonesia and other countries, indigenous people get kicked off their land, orangutans get shot, and rainforest is burnt to the ground. This is all to grow palm oil plantations. Palm oil is used for biofuels, and in shampoo, soap and many other items. We don't use palm oil in any of our products. We use sustainably sourced plants instead.

Sustainably Sourced

Sustainably sourced, plant based ingredients

We use over 27 different plants to make the Green Oil range. Because plants absorb carbon, our products are probably carbon negative. A 100ml bottle absorbs around 100 grams of CO2 to create. Plant based ingredients are biodegradable and are less harmful to the environment. Plants from crops, fruits leaves and various sources make our range.


Not tested on animals

Animal testing. None of the products or ingredients were tested on animals after 1992. Many of the ingredients being plant based were never tested on animals.

Vegetarian bike products. Ecogrease and Dry Chain Wax contain bees wax, as does the handle of the Drive Chain Brush. None of the other Green Oil range contains animal products otherwise, they are vegan.

We use recycled Plastic

100% recycled plastic bottles

Our 100ml bottles and 30ml bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. Recycled plastic has a lower carbon footprint to produce.

If every company used recycled plastic, we'd need less oil exploration to make new plastics. If all plastic products were made from recycled plastic, we'd have less plastic in landfill - with a market incentive to encourage recycling. If our bottle's can be made from recycled plastic, anyone's can.

Our recycled plastic is sourced from the UK, for our British made bottles. Notably, at least one company making their lubricants in the UK makes the packaging in China, ships it here, then fills it. We make our labels, bottles, formulas, and finished product here.

Our recycled plastic tubs for the Eco Rider Deluxe set are made in Germany - their superior recycling system means recycled plastic tubs containing polypropylene are attainable. Green Oil UK Ltd was the first company in the UK to use 100% recycled plastic bottles in 2010, even before innocent the smoothie company..

Raw bottles

Watch out for greenwash polluters making a huge deal of the word 'Recyclable'.

Our 100ml bottles and 30ml bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic. There are also recyclable. Most things are recyclable. Many things that are not recyclable are labeled 'recyclable'. The term us largely pointless but used to trick people into thinking a product is eco friendly or Recycled. So look out for the word 'Recyclable' - it's often a form of greenwash. Recycled plastic uses 75% less energy to produce*.

*Source: Veolia buyer Euro Closed Loop site, Waqas Qureshi. Packaging News, August 2016 page 4.

Sustainable wood

FSC certified and reclaimed wood.

Our Ergonomic Drive Chain and Bicycle Brush is made from wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means they replace trees when they are cut down. They don't clear cut virgin forest, let the rain wash away the soil and leave the environment ruined like a lot of non-FSC wood does.

Our display racks are made from reclaimed wood, mainly from pallets.

*Source: Veolia buyer Euro Closed Loop site, Waqas Qureshi. Packaging News, August 2016 page 4.