The Best of Green Oil products in one handy tub

Eco Rider Deluxe Set



This is the greenest bike maintenance set on the market, containing the World's greenest bike maintenance products. The Eco Rider Deluxe set is easy to carry around with a tub that has a handle on the top, great for storing in the garage or bike shed.

Eco Rider Deluxe set contains:

Green Oil Wet Chain Lube 100ml

  • Clean Chain Degreaser 100ml
  • Drive Chain Brush
  • Green Clean bike cleaner
  • EcoRag bike cleaning cloth
  • Ecogrease
  • 2 x Bike Armour (Metal plates to protect, and cover dents on your bike.)

Because the tub is made of polypropylene, it can't be recycled by most councils. To get around this green dilemma, we included....

  • A pack of seeds!

Its great to grow your own food - it reduces the carbon footprint of it, and tastes great. Each Eco Rider Deluxe set therefore includes either a pack of Rocket Salad, or Basil Herb seeds. So, when you no longer need the Eco Rider Deluxe set tub, you can fill it to the top with compost, and grow some food for the next ride (or rather a ride in 3 months time!).

Why is the Eco Rider Deluxe set great?

It makes a great gift to other people, or yourself, containing some award winning products. Its been featured on the BBC and received critical acclaim. Here are some things you can do with the tub which forms part of the set:

  1. Use it for water when cleaning your bike
  2. Use it to neatly store your favorite Green Oil products in the garage
  3. Put in a base of wool and make a bed for a small kitten.
  4. Fill to the brim with compost, and plant your seeds.

How green is the Eco Rider Deluxe Set?


The Eco Rider Deluxe set contains both the world's first FSC certified bike product, the Bicycle Brush, and our frame cleaning cloth, EcoRag. The Green Clean famously has a reclaimed fizzy drinks cap on the top, and all the 100ml bottles inside are made from 100% recycled plastic. None of the products contain PTFE or petrochemicals.

We therefore don't use PTFE or petrochemicals, only natural ingredients.

All the products are totally biodegradable.

The tub used is now made of recycled plastic. Though difficult to recycle you can re-use it instead, or grow seeds in it.

Recycling information

Each product has its own recycling information clearly marked on each bottle. The tub is made from polypropylene, which is recycling code 5:

recycling info



The Best of Green Oil products in one handy tub